del 22 al 25 d'octubre 2020


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Next stop #Roures2020. From 22 to 25 october 2020 you have a date at the Ducal Villa of Montblanc, the medieval walls, the demanding mountains of Prades, the protected environments of Poblet and the best volunteers of the world will be there. Won’t you?

As each edition, and this one couldn’t be an exception, we have news. And this time with an own name: #Entrecims. This 2020 has born one of the most hard and spectacular route that you have ever dream of. After seeing that some of our fanàtic runners didn’t have enough with climbing two days in our mountains, we thought that doing that over 3 days nonstop can be the challenge that a lot of runners are awaiting for.

This way, the most demanding distance of the Roures week comes to life. 10 peaks joined by the best trails where, supported by two aid stations and different mountain shelters, the bravest of you will enjoy more than 200km in free navigation and semi self-sufficiency. Are you ready? Are you ready?

Although this is our biggest news, we have much more: a renewed circuit for the Classic and improvements for the Extrem and Marathon. All the races will be ongoing on Saturday, to guarantee that Sunday all of us can recover from the crazy challenges that this full week loaded with adrenalin has gifted us. Additionally, we have much more news awaiting that we will show you very soon.



Entrecims is born

The new challenge that Roures and Alliberadrenalina team proposes is to bind the 10 peaks of the zone in the most brutal way; a crossing…
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