1. Roures 2020 will take place from 22 to 25 October.
  2. Roures 2020 will have 6 circuits: Entrecims, Extrem, Marathon, Classic, Small and Canicross.
  3. The start of each one will take place:
    1. Entrecims: At 8:00 Thursday 22
    2. Extrem: at 0:00 night from Friday 23 to Saturday 24
    3. Marathon: 7:30 Saturday 24
    4. Classic: 8:30 Saturday 24
    5. Canicross: 8:45 Saturday 24
    6. Small: 9:30 Saturday 24
  4. The time limit to finish the races will be as follows:
    1. Entecims: 70h (non competitive race)
    2. Extrem: 26h (race)
    3. Marathon: 12h (race)
    4. Classic: 5:30h (race)
    5. Canicross: 1h (race)
    6. Small: 4:30h (race and hike)
  5. Anyone who wishes can take part in it, without distinction of nationality or sex, as long as they have registered correctly. All the minors that want to take part will have to get the bib with his/her father/mother/legal tutor that will have to fill an authorization at that moment.
  6. The registrations will be limited to the following amount of runners for each race:
    1. Entecims: 30
    2. Extrem: 100
    3. Marathon: 200
    4. Classic: 150
    5. Canicross: 70
    6. Small: 200
  7. The first three men’s and women’s absolute top places will be rewarded, in addition to the first one classified in the following categories:
    1. SUB 23: between 16 and 22 year old
    2. Senior: between 23 and 40 years old
    3. Veteran: Between 41 and 50 years old
    4. Master: more than 51 years old
      * The age is calculated on the race day.
      ** Minors under 16 years old can take part if they want to, but not in a competitive way and escorted by an adult.
      *** Prizes are not accumulative
      **** Canicross will not have category prizes
      The team with more runners in the global of the races will have a gift.
  8. The runners must wear always the bib in a visible way at the front. The same way, each runner is responsible to validate the pass times and the finish time making his bib visible and allowing the control by the volunteers.
  9. Running with dogs is not allowed at Entrecims, Extrem, Marathon, Classic or Small. No external aid is allowed and any form of participation other than by foot is forbidden.
  10. To take part at any of the races is mandatory to have a current federative license from FEEC or equivalent (Fedme, ITRA, FEA). If you don’t have a valid license, a temporal one will be processed that will be added to the registration fee.
  11. The organization has a civil liability insurance. Despite ensuring the safety of all hikers and runners, the organization will not be responsible for any accidents that may occur, the runner himself will be solely responsible.
  12. All participants are required to attend and report to the nearest control any accident or incident they have observed. If they don’t, they can be disqualified or penalized.
  13. The route will remain open to traffic, except for the start on the streets of Montblanc that will be neutralized by the local police of the city. The traffic code must be respected at all times.
  14. The participants commit themselves to respect the rules of civility and respect for the other runners and the natural places where the march runs, especially considering that part of the route runs inside the Natural Park of Poblet.
  15. To use the aid stations a cup or recipient is mandatory; we will not have disposable cups, the organization considers that as an important point to avoid waste.
  16. You can only give up at the specific control points, except in cases of force majeure. In both cases it will be necessary to notify it at the checkpoints or by calling the race direction phone.
  17. Race direction can suspend or modify the tracks if needed, but bad weather is not an impediment for the races.
  18. Each participant authorizes the transfer of their image rights to the organization so that it can freely use or publish any photo or video recorded during its development.
  19. Race direction offers a registration cancellation insurance that can be contracted at the time of registration. This will allow to request a refund of the registration under the following parameters: by injury, severe illness or death of the runner or direct family (supporting documentation will be requested)
    1. until 31/08/2020, 100% registration will be refunded
    2. from 01/09/2020 to 11/10/2020, 50% registration will be refunded
    3. From 11/10/2020 onwards, there will not be any refund
      * Without insurance no registration will be refunded
  20. The race direction can modify any item of the regulation if it deems convenient for a better development of the event or to favor runners and hikers.
  21. The registration to the races implies the acceptance of all the points of this regulation; in the case of Entrecims, the canicross, the Extreme and the Marathon, also the specific items.

Entrecims specific items

  1. It is a non-competitive navigation race, where there are no signs to follow the route, but all participants must have a GPS device to follow the Track that the organization will facilitate.
  2. It is a track without aid stations where participants will only find natural water fountains and 4 life base spaces where they can: rest / sleep, eat with full refreshments and, in some, take a shower.
  3. The participants can have external assistance at any part of the track, the race direction will hand a guide to access the points easily.
  4. This is a very demanding course and we ask that the participants to be aware of its toughness.
  5. Each participant must bring the material they consider appropriate to take part of the race with security guarantees, however the organization forces to bring the following material as mandatory throughout the course of the race:
Thermal or survival blanket (minimum size 2 x 1,2 meters)
Hydration system (2 l. minimum)
Backpack or equivalent
Mobile phone turned on and not in plane mode.
GPS device that allows to follow a track and to keep at least 5 with enough replacement batteries for the race time
Wind jacket with hood, waterproof (10.000mm water column minimum) and breathable, Gore-Tex®, Membrain®, H2NO®, HyVent® type with heath sealed sewings.
Thermal long sleeve t-shirt
Full thermal tights
Multipurpose tubular
Two headlamps with replacement batteries
External battery or solar charger
Caloric food adapted to the route and number and type of aids of the race.
Cash for emergency

Specific Canicross items

  1. All dog breeds can participate, provided they are in good physical shape and pass the mandatory veterinary control that will be performed the same day, before the race.
  2. The dogs will be at least 1 year old and at most 10 years old the race day.
  3. Microchip for the dog is mandatory. A dog without microchip will not run.
  4. At the veterinary control you must bring the dog and the vaccine card* updated and signed by your regular veterinarian.

* Mandatory vaccines are the polyvalent (parvovirosis, leptospirosis, canine distemper and canine hepatitis with a minimum). The Bordetella bonchiseptica vaccine (kennel cough) will not be mandatory in this race, although it is considered advisable for the dogs.

* Dogs that do not meet the requirements or do not have the appropriate health conditions, in the discretion of the race veterinarians, will not be allowed to participate in the canicross and the registration fee will not be refunded.

  1. Mandatory equipment:
    1. CANICROSS BELT: for the runner’s waist. .It has to be wide and comfortable for the runner and has to allow to attach the canicross line with a fast open carabiner fixed to the belt.
    2. CANICROSS LINE: to hitch the runner’s belt to the dog’s harness. It is required to have an elastic part (bungee). The longitude of the line has to be between 2 and 2,5 m. It is required to hitch the line to the dog’s harness with a strong carabiner.
    3. CANICROSS HARNESS: It has to be canicross specific, strong enough to guarantee that the dog will not break it and run away. Will have to protect the dog of chaffing with the parts of the harness in contact with the skin. Because of that it can’t be made of abrasive or cutting material; it also has to have cushioned zones for a superior protection.
    4. In case of conflictive dogs a muzzle can be required and start the race in last place (the breeds are not defined as conflictive, but a particular dog). Runners with aggressive dogs cannot join the race without informing organization.
  2. The dog must be tied all the time through the line to the runner, otherwise the runner will be disqualified. An exceptional case may be considered to be the one that slides to prevent an accident between two lines.
  3. The runner may never go in front of his dog or pull him over the line to force his way.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to mistreat dogs either physically or verbally. It will cause disqualification of the race (clarification: we talk about mistreatment, not a possible correction for bad behavior).
  5. Race direction reserves the right to make two or more starts if needed because of the number of runners.

Roures Extrem and
Roures Marathon specific items

  1. The registration to Roures Extrem is limited to runners over 18 years old (race direction reserves the right to accept runners under that age with supporting previous experience).
  2. These are semi-self-sufficiency races, so assistance to the runner is not allowed except at checkpoints and aid stations.
    1. In this Extrem edition we will allow runners to have a “pacer” runner from la Riba checkpoint onwards, that can collaborate with the runner, use aid stations and assist the runner, but not carry his/her mandatory equipment.
  3. Each participant must bring the material they consider appropriate to take part of the race with security guarantees, however the organization forces to bring the following material as mandatory throughout the course of the race:
Mandatory equipmentMarathonExtrem
Thermal or survival blanket (minimum size 2 x 1,2 meters)xx
Hydration system (1 l. minimum)xx
Backpack or equivalent
Mobile phone turned on and not in plane mode.xx
Wind jacket with hood, waterproof (10.000mm water column minimum) and breathable, Gore-Tex®, Membrain®, H2NO®, HyVent® type with heath sealed sewings.

Wind jacketx
Headlamp with additional batteries or two headlamps.
Caloric food adapted to the route and number and type of aids of the race.xx

In case of bad weather the organization may extend the mandatory equipment with the following elements (24h in advance):

  1. Wind jacket with hood, waterproof and breathable, Gore-Tex®, Membrain®, H2NO®, eVent® type (for the Marathon)
  2. Second thermal layer.
  3. Full tights or half tights combined with calfs.
  4. Gloves.
  5. hat, tubular or similar.